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All the New York State Website need to be in complance with Section 508 (accessibility for person with disability)

Open Public Meeting Law said that all information should be avalable to all. With so much of the information being posted on State, County, and Local Goverments this is now a mandate to make sure the websites are accessible to all!!!

The state can look to Federal Website for complance with Web stanards for person wtih a disability at Section508.gov


Hope that you will make the over 3.6 million person with disability in this state have access to the New York State Website.


Submitted by Unsubscribed User 5 years ago

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  1. It can be done cheaply too!

    There's so many new products like the acorn stair lifts(1) which allow you to retrofit an existing stairwell with a perfectly usable accessibility option, for a fraction of the cost of most alternatives.

    We need to find more ways to get more out of our tax dollars!

    Not cut services and violate regulations!


    3 years ago

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