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Integrate with existing resources

The Workforce One community is run by the federal government, but I wonder if NY State ouldn't have a workforce development presence of it's own that someone works with or integrates to Workforce One? (www.workforce3one.org)


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  1. One way to cut IT costs, leverage existing resources, and develop the NYS workforce, is to empower high school and college-age students with paid internship opportunities.

    I've run Hudson Valley Tech Scouts (http://hvscouts.com) since the mid-90s, and my web design company (http://gamefacewebdesign.com) recently submitted a proposal with the Childrens Media Project for the OAG's Student Empowerment Project.

    We don't see much chance of getting the award, as we're outsiders to that world...but our proposal is rock-solid and imagines students staffing a help center to help other students fund their college education.

    I would love to help the Senate form and train an elite squad of young people to support Empire 2.0.


    Bram Moreinis, Director

    Hudson Valley Tech Scouts



    5 years ago

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