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We use Ilinc remote classroom training and we're saving a lot of money compared to the cost of sending trainers to counties and New York City. One distinct advantage of this approach is that it enables us to train one or two people from a district while training others from other districts simultaneously.

Page-specific help should be a standard for all New York State agency applications. It augments (and in some cases eliminates the need for) training on our application for child support.

Also, a zero training philosophy around user interface design can help. Use of error, warning and informational messages that can be altered to direct user activity prospectively create on the job training in the use of a given application.


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    Promote more in-house corporate training from upcoming vendors as opposed to big corporate houses.

    Small localized training vendors can come to the departments' locations and train many employees on the job and is very much cheaper than sending employees for trainings to off-site locations where big corporation offer ready-made trainings.


    Om, PMP

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    I would like to see more training available and encouraged on using alternative desktop technologies to the ones currently being used.

    People are creatures of habit. They may be selecting or settling for costly, bloated desktop solutions over less expensive, sufficient other solutions, merely because they have no familiarity with the alternatives. Just the de-mystification alone would improve the IT savvy of our workforce and permit more informed decision-making.

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