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NYS Civil Service Eligible List Management System (ELMS) Announcement

Eligible List Management System (ELMS)


NYS Department of Civil Service now offers a tool to view Civil Service eligible list information online. Visit the Eligible List Management System (ELMS) at to look up eligible lists by list number, list name, or job title. For example, you can look up the eligible list for Professional Careers Test (Human Resources) by typing in that eligible list name, its list number (24448), or one of the titles which may be filled from that eligible list (such as an Agency Training & Development Specialist Trainee 1). Once you open an eligible list on ELMS, you also have the option to view all of the titles which may be filled by that particular eligible list.


How do I view my eligible list information?

You can see your personal eligible list information through the My Lists option after logging in to ELMS using your Civil Service ID. If you do not currently have a Civil Service ID, you can obtain one through the log-in screen.


My Lists lets you view the name of the eligible lists on which your name appears, when the lists were established, and your score. Under the list number and title that appears on the upper left hand side of the page you will see ‘Show Me’. Using the arrow down function you may select any one of the following choices: entire list, active people, appointed people, inactive people, my department-all, my department-active, or my department-inactive. Your selection will depend on whether you want to look at either a statewide or a departmental list.


Please note that for promotional exams open to employees in many agencies (commonly referred to as interdepartmental exams or IDP exams), ELMS displays the entire (statewide) list in score order. However, when there are IDP lists, each agency is provided with its own employees on a departmental list. A viable departmental list is used to fill positions before the statewide list.



How was someone appointed off an eligible list with a score of 75 when others have higher scores?


When looking at the statewide (interdepartmental) promotional list, you may notice that someone with a lower score has been appointed and wonder how that can happen. There are a number of factors that could cause this to occur. For example, the person appointed at a lower score may have been appointed from a departmental eligible list specific to his or her agency; persons at higher scores may have declined the position or been temporarily unavailable, or have eligibility dates which precluded them from consideration. Departmental eligible lists typically have a much smaller candidate pool than the statewide interdepartmental lists therefore a person with a lower score may be reachable on the departmental promotion list but not reachable on the interdepartmental list.



I took some exams a few months ago but haven’t received my exam results; can I view those lists on ELMS?


New eligible lists are not yet available for a number of recently held examinations so it is important to remember to check the “start date” of an eligible list in order to determine when the list was established. For example, an examination for Senior Computer Operator was held in December 2008, but that eligible list is not on ELMS. The eligible list currently displayed on ELMS for that title is from the previous holding of the exam.


If you have any questions regarding your score or these lists, please direct your questions to Human Resource Services at (518) 473-0398 or



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