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About the API

The Empire 2.0 Tech Talk API provides methods for obtaining data from this site for using in mashups and other consumable formats. Anyone can use the API -- all it takes is a 10 second signup process to obtain a key -- so we can keep track of how many people are using the API and a way to get in touch with you if there are changes to the API itself.

Getting Started

Basic Usage

Once you have an API Key all requests must have the apiKey parameter. Currently the output format is limited to JSON. We'll probably add HTML and XML as output formats in the future.

There are two modes you can use the JSON Output - if the parameter callback=jsonIdeaScaleAPI is passed, then the function will be called with the response as the parameter:


All you have to do is to define the jsonIdeaScaleAPI(obj) method in your JavaScript. The obj variable is the result of the method call. The best way to get started is to look at the Examples below:

If the parameter callback=true IS NOT PASSED, then the output will be a JSON Object - that you can parse with any JSON parser

{"response": {"ideas":[{"author":"kevin.battey", "text":"Welcome to your new IdeaScale portal!", "title":"Your First Idea!", "voteCount":0, "url":""}]}}


If you have questions/feedback and comments on the API, please join our IdeaScale API Discussion.

Bulk Data Download

If you would prefer to download all the data, for offline processing - you can request that below:

Site Administrators have disabled data-download option or no data-files have been generated.

API Documentation

ideascale.ideas.getTopIdeas | ideascale.ideas.getRecentIdeas
Parameters categoryID (Optional)

If a campaign ID is supplied, then the data is filtered for that campaign. To view/list the campaigns for this site:

Name ID
I.T. Policies 2626
I.T. Shared Services / Solutions 11022
Workforce Management 11021
Cloud Computing 2632
Cost Reduction Strategies 2553
Uncategorized 2603
Social Media / Networking 11018
Open Government 11019
Accessibility 11020
Output A JSON Array of "Idea" Objects - Each with the following properties
title Idea Title
text Idea Text Contents
author Idea Author - If the author has updated the profile with his First and Last name it will be returned, or else the username part of the author's email address will be returned
URL Link to the Idea
voteCount Net votes count for the idea

This will return a list of All Ideas - Sorted by Ratings (Votes)

<script> function jsonIdeaScaleAPI(obj) { // obj is an Array of Idea Objects for (int i = 0; i < obj.length; ++i) { var idea = obj[i]; // Do Something here with each idea } } </script>

This will return a list of All Ideas - Sorted by time (recent first)

Output A JSON Array of "Tag" Objects - Each with the following properties
name The Tag Name
tagCount The # of times this tag was used

This will return a list of the tags sorted by the frequency of use.


This will return a list of All users (sorted by # of ideas they've contributed)

Output A JSON Array of "User" Objects - Each with the following properties
name User Name - If the user has updated his profile with the First/Last name then this will be returned
ideaCount The # of ideas user submitted
voteCount The # of votes user submitted
url The Profile URL for the user