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About "Empire 2.0", Our State Social Networking Initiative

On June 5th, the New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer announced a new technology initiative themed "Empire 2.0" which targets social networking, participation and collaboration as part of an overall theme of transparency and open government. This initiative is modeled after and in support of President Obama's strategy on Open Government which he outlined in his "Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government" issued January 21st. The New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer has created this online brainstorming session to hear from the community, your most important ideas relating to technology in New York State government.

What is This Site?

This platform allows you to submit ideas, discuss and refine others' ideas, and vote the best ones to the top. We are seeking innovative approaches to policy, specific technology or project suggestions, state-wide or agency-specific feedback, and any relevant examples and stories relating to technology and technology policy.

Some questions to consider in formulating ideas include:

  • How might the operations of government be made more transparent and accountable through the use of new technology?
  • What strategies might be employed to adopt greater use of Web 2.0 in agencies?
  • What policy impediments to innovation in government currently exist?
  • What is the best way to change the culture of government to embrace collaboration?
  • What changes in training or hiring of personnel would enhance innovation?
  • What performance measures are necessary to determine the effectiveness of utilizing new technology and new tools in government?

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